First Line Podcast: Ep. 1 – The Triple Double and Russell Westbrook is One of a Kind

Episode 1: The Triple-Double and Russell Westbrook Is One of a Kind First Line Podcast

Many people regard the Triple-Double the most complete stat line in an NBA game. Russell Westbrook has AVERAGED a Triple-Double FOUR TIMES in the last five seasons. Putting together that long of a stretch of complete games never being done before may suggest it as being the greatest stretch of basketball the NBA has ever seen, and with one more step of logic, it could make him the greatest player of all time to be able to perform in such an unprecedented manner. 

Well, not so fast (Stay with us here).

In this episode, we go through Westbrook’s Triple-Double stats piece by piece, from points to assists to rebounds, and then speculate what it could look like when Westbrook joins the Lakers in the fall.

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