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NFL Produced Stats

NFL Player Stats (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Fumbles, Tackles, Interceptions, Field Goals, Kickoffs, Kickoff Returns, Punting, and Punt Return data):

NFL Team Stats – Organized by year and Offense (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Scoring, Downs), Defense (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Scoring, Tackles, Downs, Fumbles, Interceptions), and Special Teams (Field Goals, Scoring, Kickoffs, Kickoff Returns, Punting, Punt Returns):

NFL Next Gen Stats Homepage:

Pro Football Reference

NFL Single Season Team Statistics:

NFL Single Season Advanced Team Statistics:

NFL Single Season Team Defense:

NFL Passing: Standard (, Advanced (

NFL Rushing: Standard (, Advanced (

NFL Receiving: Standard (, Advanced (

NFL Defense: Standard (, Advanced (

NFL Scrimmage Metrics:

NFL Kicking and Punting:

NFL Kick and Punt Returning:

NFL Scoring Summary:

College Football

NCAA Produced Stats

NCAA Stats Home Page:

College-Football Reference

NCAA Division 1 Single Season Summary Page:

NCAA Division 1 Team Offense:

NCAA Division 1 Team Defense:

NCAA Division 1 Team Special Teams:

NCAA Division 1 Passing:

NCAA Division 1 Rushing:

NCAA Division 1 Receiving:

NCAA Division 1 Kicking:

NCAA Division 1 Punting:

NCAA Division 1 Scoring:

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