About Us

First Line Sports Analytics is a sports analytics content production group founded by Rob Weber and Eddy Tabone. Our aim is produce sports analytics content that informs and educates anyone who comes across it.

The goal of this website is to provide our help and services, in this field that has become our specialty, any and every way we can.

We offer a place to publish, promote, and benefit from research for anyone who wants it.

We offer an extensive list of links to publicly available data and resources.

We offer our own produced content about sports analytics as a topic and a discipline.

We offer our services to any players, teams, or leagues that are looking to explore their game in a statistical or analytical way.

We have grown and are growing through new ideas and ingenuity, drawing from every place we can. So, if you have ANY suggestions or would like to be a part of our team in some way, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out.

We sincerely thank you for coming our way, and we genuinely hope you enjoy and benefit from our site.

Rob Weber

Rob has been a fanatical sports fan since birth and has always loved the analytical and strategic side of sports. He’s since combined his love of statistics and sports into a young career centered around sports analytics.

While getting an Undergraduate degree in Statistics from St. John Fisher College, Rob was constantly working to greaten and diversify his experience, knowledge, and techincal abilities with concern to sports research. This was through efforts to teach himself through publicly available resources and applying the statistical methods he was learning in class. He has also spent the last 3 years with Eddy Tabone working as interns doing data tracking and reporting for the Rochester Knighthawks of the NLL.

Rob feels passionate about increasing the accessbility of sports analytics to the general public. As a base-knowledge of analytics becomes more and more vital for a career in sports, the need for publicly accesible data and resources to self-teach and self-prepare will continue to grow.

Eddy Tabone

Eddy was the toddler who sat behind you at a sporting event and talked the whole game…about each player’s stats in the game program. Then he was the child keeping score at baseball games and mastering multiplying by 7 from watching football. Sports and math have always been his defining traits.

Following the hometown Buffalo Sabres very closely his whole life, he first got his feet wet with sports analytics in the early 2010s listening to local radio hosts introducing corsi and playoff probability models and wanting to take in all the information he could on how math could be applied to sports outside of the traditional box score statistics. Of course, this lined up fairly well with the release of the Moneyball movie too.

Eddy has followed each of the “4 major sports” in the US closely his whole life, so that has blossomed into analytical interest in each of those sports through high school and college, where he graduated from St. John Fisher College with a degree in statistics and computer science. He participated in the school’s sports analytics case challenge twice, finishing in the top 3 for mocking an expansion roster for the Vegas Golden Knights and winning the competition, alongside Rob, rebuilding the New York Jets for the 2018 season and beyond.

Eddy also writes for Expected Buffalo, a hockey analytics website focusing on the Buffalo Sabres.