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League Produced

League Leaders:

Special Teams:

Player Search Engine:


NHL Produced Stats

NHL Skater Stats:

NHL Team Stats:

NHL All Time Game Results:

NHL Enhanced Stat Home:

Hockey Reference

NHL Single Season Summary – Includes Tables for Team Statistics and Team Analytics (5-on-5):

NHL Single Season Basic Skater Statistics:

NHL Single Season Advanced Skater Statistics:

NHL Single Season Skater Time On Ice Data:

NHL Single Season Goalie Statistics:

NHL Leader and Records Summary Page:

NHL All Player Index Summary Page:

NHL All Team Index Summary Page:


Page to Download NHL Skater, Goalie, Lineup, and Team-Level Data:

Evolving Hockey

Summary Page For All Data (Standard, GAR, RAPM, etc.):

Charting Hockey

NHL Team Charts (Daily Metric Plots, Team Trends over Time, Long-Range xG Trends, Standings Projections):

NHL Skater Charts (Daily Metric Plots, Shot Maps, Player Trends Over Time, Lines and Pairs, Transitions, Player Cards):

NHL Goalie Charts (Daily Metric Plots, Shot Maps, Over Time, Careers):

NHL Custom Tools (behind pay-wall):



NWHL Metric Tables (15/16 to present) (Skaters, Goalies, Teams):

The Ice Garden

Women’s Hockey Analytics Primer:

The Ice Garden Analytics Home:



CWHL Skater Metric Tables (15/16 to 17/18):

Men’s College Hockey

NCAA Produced Stats

Stats Home Pages – With Access to Shooting, Goaltending, and Team Stats For The Following Levels:

NCAA Men’s Division 1 Metric Tables:

NCAA Men’s Division 2 Metric Tables:

NCAA Men’s Division 3 Metric Tables:

NCAA Women’s Division 1 Metric Tables:

College Hockey Inc.

NCAA Men’s Division 1, by season since 2012-13 (Scoring, Goaltending, and Team Metric Tables):

Women’s College Hockey


NCAA Women’s Division 1 Metric Tables (15/16 to present) (Skaters, Goalies, Teams):

Junior Leagues


League Produced Stats

OHL Player Metric Tables:

OHL Goalie Metric Tables:

OHL Team Metric Tables:


League Produced Stats

QMJHL Player Metric Tables:

QMJHL Goalie Metric Tables:

QMJHL Team Metric Tables:


League Produced Stats

WHL Player Metric Tables:

WHL Goalie Metric Tables:

WHL Team Metric Tables:

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