Our Services

Are you a player, coach, trainer, or front office member that would like to give you or your team the competitive advantage of STATISTICS and ANALYTICS?

Contact us to do long-term or short-term statistics and analytics projects for you. We specialize and have extensive experience in creating, implementing, and carrying out systems to provide you with high-level stats.

Are you an individual that would like to or has already done sports analytics research but doesn’t have anywhere to publish it? Contact us! We are always available to begin supporting and assisting individuals on sports analytics projects. We are also more than happy to review and publish finished research/projects at any time. Don’t hesitate to reach out via the Contact Us page or on social media.

Clients & Testimonials

Data Tracking and Analysis for the Rochester Knighthawks of the NLL

Building and implementing tracking tools for the Boston Glory of the AUDL:
Data Tracking and Analysis for the Philadelphia Wings of the NLL

Visit this link (https://youtu.be/9ML73V30LGU?t=10660) to see an in-depth example of the kind of work we could do for you. We presented our work for the Rochester Knighthawks at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Sports Analytics Conference in 2019.