Analysis of Passing Networks in Soccer

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Authors: John Laschober, Amanda Harsy


The study of the passing networks formed during soccer matches is an area of mathematics that has exploded within the past decade as both modern technology and new-found motivation in notable organizations have provided the public with better datasets. Through the analysis of players’ positioning and their passes throughout a match, better strategies can be devised for future games and training regiments can be altered to better prepare even the best of teams. The aim of the paper is to introduce an analysis application that applies basic graph theory concepts to a game of soccer. Thus, we provide further support to the claim that these graphical concepts are not only applicable but also useful to the field of sports analysis and provide worthwhile insight for organizations, coaches, and players themselves.

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This article was published in the Mathematics and Sports Journal (MAS). The MAS has permitted us to provide a link to this article.

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